We are a faith community built
on a solid foundation.

We are a faith community built on a solid foundation.

By choosing to connect with one of our many care groups, you can find support in the search for truth and meaning in your life. If you are looking for a church in the Saskatoon area, we would love to meet you!

Connection times available on specific ministry pages.

What can you expect in connecting with a care group?

To find community

One of the main reasons people come to church is to find connection. God created people to do life together. We know that no church is perfect, but we really try to include people as best as we can. Why don’t you come and see if we are the right church for you?

Authentic people

We are regular every day people, just like you. We sin and fall short on a daily basis. We are all only human and a connection to God in order to overcome the hardships of life. At ROA you will find a safe space to be vulnerable and share about your life and who you are as a person.

To learn about Jesus

Meet people who are walking with Jesus, and learning more about the Bible and everything the book has to teach us. At ROA we believe a life with God is the only way to find your soul’s fulfillment.
Without honest conversations about life, the end result is shallow relationships.

3 simple steps to get connected

1 Drop us a line

There are many ways for you to contact us. You can call us, or there are multiple connection points throughout the website for you to get in touch with someone at the church directly.

2 Discuss options

After exchanging a few questions with each other, we can find out which group will best serve your needs. We have a wide variety of ministries available to meet you where you’re at.

3 Get connected

Now that you have come and experienced what a life with Jesus, and hopefully a new friend or two can be like, why don’t you come again and become a regular member of the community?
Let God be your guide to help you navigate the difficulties of life.
Life is full of challenges and as a Jesus loving community we truly believe in the power of scripture and the power of prayer to help bring peace through troubling times.
Having a strong foundation rooted in Christ is important. At the Rock of Ages church in Saskatoon, we offer a variety of groups to meet you exactly where you’re at. We’ve all made mistakes and have fallen short, but with God know that there can be a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Like we have said, we are regular imperfect people just like you and our goal is to try to do life together and form connections with people. One of God’s greatest gifts to humanity is human connection, so why don’t you connect with us and see if we are the right church for you?

As a free gift to you, we would like to offer you an ROA mug or a Bible.

We would love for you to come to the church directly to pick up your free gift. The receptionist would be happy to welcome you.