Youth of Saskatoon, are you looking for a place to connect?

At Rock of Ages church in Saskatoon, our youth group provides a fun and God-loving environment for young people, aged 12 to 18, to connect and make new friends, while learning about Christ at the same time.

Friday night at ROA at 7:00pm

What can you expect at ROA youth group?

Tasty snacks

Every time we connect as a group, snacks are provided. Not only that but there is a scheduled game or activity when we all come together. Good food and fun times? Come join!

Jesus focused

Whether it’s through Bible study or a guest speaker, every time we connect as a group there is time dedicated to getting to know Jesus.

Make new friends

Your new best friend could be attending ROA Youth Group and you might not even know it. Why don’t you come join us and find out?
A life in relationship with Jesus and fellow believers can bring you the fulfillment you're looking for!

3 simple steps to get connected

1 Show up

It’s that simple! Every week we connect at the same time which is Friday at 7 pm at ROA church. We’ll be sure to give you a warm welcome and help introduce you to some of the regulars.

2 Enjoy yourself

Good food and fun times? You bet. Not only that, but there is always time spent getting to know Jesus. God is good; come and experience why.

3 Come again

Now that you have come and experienced what a life with Jesus is about, hopefully you continue to join us and become a regular member of our community.
God wants your heart to be full. One way that happens is by making new friends.
We believe in the power of Jesus to transform our hearts and minds. We also believe in the power of friendship and the importance of having meaningful relationships in our lives.
Having a strong foundation rooted in Christ is important. God’s priorities aren’t focused around how many likes your photo got on Instagram. He cares about your heart and the person you are choosing to become. Social media isn’t bad; in fact, it’s a wonderful invention. It only becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with our character and distracting us from what truly matters. So why don’t you put the phone away for a night and come to Rock of Ages church in Saskatoon and connect with us in person?

As a free gift to you, we would like to offer you an ROA mug or a Bible.

We would love for you to come to the church directly to pick up your free gift. The receptionist would be happy to welcome you.