Are you looking for a preschool
for your child?

Are you looking for a preschool for your child?

Our heart for children and our desire to provide a faith-based education is what sets us apart from other preschools in Saskatoon. As a staff, we are also learners, providing your children with current learning styles and practises, while implementing curriculum that is play based, but educationally and Biblically sound.

Now accepting registrations for 2024-2025 school year!

TUESDAY & THURSDAY CLASSES ARE NOW FULL. You can put your name onto a waiting list if you wish. Please call 306-220-3621 or email Margie.

ROA Preschool registration info

  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, with all documents and necessary payments included. Completed forms can be mailed or dropped off at the church office.
  • We offer classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the mornings and afternoons. On Tuesday and Thursday, classes take place during mornings only.
  • TUESDAY & THURSDAY CLASSES ARE NOW FULL. You can put your name onto a waiting list if you wish. Please call the number below or email Margie
  • Need more information? 306-220-3621

What can you expect at ROA preschool?

Play based

Students are provided with opportunity to play, explore, create, discover, experiment, be problem solvers, builders and inventors. Students will make friends, build their communication skills and build strong bodies and minds!

Bible based

We want your child to know how special they are to us, and more importantly, how special they are to God. We desire to help your child build a strong Christian foundation as we share from the Bible, pray and worship together.

Peace of mind

We have carved out space for your child! Our classroom, our heart for children, our knowledge, ability, joy and love of teaching is what will give you peace of mind as you leave your child in our care. We invite you to come and see if we are the right preschool for you!
With so many options available for preschool, it can feel daunting figuring out which program is the right fit for your child.
Trusting your child to the care of others is a big decision that every parent has to make. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus as we help build a solid foundation for your child from an early age.

3 simple steps to get connected

1 Complete Registration

When you press register you will be redirected to download our registration form. All fees and the information you’ll need to register are included on the forms.

2 Enroll your child

Bring your completed registration form and necessary payments to the Rock of Ages church. We look forward to having your students enrolled in our class!

3 Peace of mind

We know at the end of the day, peace of mind is invaluable. Let us give you that. Our teachers anticipate welcoming your child to our preschool, where faith and education go hand in hand.
Rock of Ages preschool is a place to learn and grow together.

Director of Preschool
Margie Sollid

Feel free to email me with any other questions you might have about our program!